Happiness Blooms with Color

Happy Wednesday Crafty Friends!

Hope everyone is having a great week. I’m here with Dare 2B Artzy today to share a couple of fun cards

Sometimes, I like to just sit in my craft space in my office and create and not think. It’s a good release to just play with my craft supplies and see what colors, designs come out of it.  It’s not about being perfect it’s about having fun and releasing stress at the same time.

20160412_005601-1-1_wm [185490]

These cards were a product of my stress free play time.  I started with a piece of water color cardstock and I heat embossed the medium and small flower cluster stamp from the Happiness Blooms stamp set from Dare 2B Artzy with some super fine detail, white embossing powder.

I’ll be honest, painting with water colors or trying to create with water colors terrifies me. It’s so far out of my comfort zone. I always feel like anything I’d create with watercolor isn’t perfect or good enough to show to people. It always looks like brown blobs on expensive paper – clearly I’m challenged in the mixing water color departments, LOL!

I recently learned about micro fine watercolor powders and thought that maybe I could do water color effects and backgrounds afterall. The powders can be used in a variety of different ways. You can put them in a palette and add water to make water color paint, you can add it to a spray bottle and spray it on a background, you can “puff” the powder onto paper first and then add water or you can add water to the background first and then “puff” the micro fine powder on afterwards.

20160412_005436-1_wm [185488]

I chose to try the latter. I did a wash of water over my entire background and picked two colors of powder for each of my cards. For one background I used Tangerine and Lime Green and on the other I used Turquoise and Orchid (my personal favorite color combo). I found that using more than a couple colors on each background sort of made it muddy so I stuck to two colors on each background.


These powders sort of reminded me of Easter egg dye tablets. They react as soon as they touch water. It was very cool to watch the powder move across the paper with the water making patterns and mixing with the other color. It was kind of like watching a lava lamp.

20160412_005625_001-1_wm [185489]

Once I was satisfied with the mixing and level of color on my background. I used a cloth and placed it over the background and gently pressed (not rubbed) to absorb the excess water & ink.  Once the cloth was removed there were a couple of spots that didn’t get covered in the ink. I added a bit of clean water to them and “puffed” some more micro fine powder on and let the colors blend together again. I dabbed off the excess water & ink again and set them aside to dry.

The background tends to become a bit more vibrant once they are fully dry. The white flowers look so pretty. They really pop against the colorful backgrounds.

While they were drying I stamped and heat embossed the sentiments and die cut them. To finish I added a few pearl embellishments to the one card. You don’t need much with these backgrounds being so vibrant, the cards kind of speak for themselves.

20160412_005643-1_wm [185491]

All that was left was to assemble my cards.

These cards were very fun to make and the results are a beautiful. I can think of several stamp sets from Dare 2B Artzy that would look amazing with some water color detail like this. You should check out the Dare 2B Artzy blog for more inspiration from my fellow DT ladies and then pick up your favorite stamps sets from the online store.

Hope you have a wonderful week!