Hello world!

Hello – if you were following my blog on Blogger, I’m glad you followed the link and found my new and improved blog here on WordPress.

After doing some research on my own about blog sites, having lots of questions and talking to our office internet guru I decided to move my blog from Blogger over to WordPress.  The WordPress site offers more stability and resources for bloggers than most any other blog site out there. I figured it was best to move my blog while it was still in it’s early stages before it got too big to move everything. Thanks for making the hop over here with me!

If you’ve just recently stumbled upon my blog, Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. You can check out some of my old  posts as I’ve ported them over here to share with you.

I Hope you’ll continue follow me here on my new blog home at Wordpress. You can also check out my Instragram posts and Twitter posts here too. I’m new to the Twitterverse so I’m still trying to get used to that, hopefully I’ll be tweeting in no time.